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EPS Awards 2023


The EPS community consists out of enthusiastic, hardworking and supportive people and they have  all have one thing in common:  create a safe and  also enjoyable working environment. We really appreciate all your input and want to reward the effort. Nominations are welcome until the 15th of February 2023.

The EPS award winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting Experimental Plant Sciences in Lunteren.

EPS Spotlight Award

The EPS Spotlight Award rewards the EPS member that is very valuable to its research group and/or department.

Who can be nominated?

  • The valuable EPS member takes care of the department, spends extra time to welcome new colleagues, is the “spider in the web” and creates a very good and safe working environment
  • PhD candidates, Technician, Secretaries, postdocs, PIs


EPS Mentor Award

The EPS Mentor Award rewards the EPS member that is not just a supervisor but also acts as a mentor contributing not only to the scientific but also the personal and career development of their students/employees.

Who can be nominated?

  • The EPS member is extraordinary in supervising/ mentoring of MSc or BSc students, PhD candidates or postdocs (also in a long term perspective).
  • PhD candidates, postdocs or PIs


EPS Young Researcher Award

The EPS Young Researcher Award rewards junior scientists with remarkable scientific output.

Who can be nominated?

  • EPS member for their scientific achievement and important work, including discoveries of significance, or the invention of influential methods/tools.
  • PhD candidates and postdocs