The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)



On recommendation of the EPS PhD Council and the International Advisory Board (IAB) of EPS, EPS wishes to reduce the time-lag between the end of the PhD candidate’s appointment and the graduation. The EPS PhD Council strongly supports this idea, because it is important to start a (scientific) career as early as possible. To reduce this time-lag EPS developed a monitoring system that may also function as an early warning system against ‘drop-outs’. The monitoring system forces the PhD candidate to:

  • look back: ‘did I meet the goals I set for the past period?’
  • look ahead: ‘which goals do I want to reach in the period to come?’
  • look aside: ‘is my project on schedule, did I write/publish enough, did I attend enough courses?’

The monitoring system requires filling out four forms in the course of the PhD candidate’s appointment; one, two, three and four years after the date of appointment, respectively. Only the last form, the Final Report differs. Since all members of the Supervisory Committee, consisting of the (co)promotor(s) and daily supervisor(s), are involved in the monitoring, it is recommended to synchronize the meetings of the Supervisory Committee on a yearly basis. The Annual Progress Reports and the Final Report have been developed in close cooperation with the PhD Council and will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete.

The Annual Progress Report also contains room for complaints of the PhD candidate at the last page. The candidate should fill this part in without interference from the Supervisory Committee, which implies that it is only filled in after the meeting with the Supervisory Committee and the signing of the first part of the Form. The information of the PhD candidate will be handled with strict confidentiality. EPS will use the information to identify problems experienced by PhD candidates and, upon request of the PhD candidate, EPS can offer direct support to the PhD candidate, like mediation in the case of a conflict between the PhD candidate and the (co-)promotor(s) or (daily) supervisor(s).

The Annual Progress Reports and the Final Report can be found in the TSP file. A scan of the filled in and signed progress report should be sent electronically to the PhD Programme Coordinator & PhD Advisor, Susan Urbanus.