The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Boards and Committees

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The Board consists of:

  • Prof.dr. L.A.C.Y. (Rens) Voesenek (UU, Chair)
  • Prof.dr. J. (Johan) Memelink (LU)
  • Prof.dr. J. (Jian) Xu (RU)
  • Prof.dr. R.E. (Ronald) Koes (UvA)
  • Prof.dr. M. (Marcel) Dicke (WUR)

The Director of EPS and the Chair of the PhD Council of EPS attend the meetings of the Board

The International Advisory Board (IAB) guards the quality of EPS activities, in particular the research policy and programme, and the educational programme. The IAB consists of six leading scientists in different fields of experimental plant sciences:

The Industry Board (IB) was established to allow industry and science to exchange ideas and goals. The Board also provides an opportunity through its activities to inform candidates of how science is applied in industry. The board advises on research policy and the educational programme.

The IB consists of:

The EPS Research Committee consists of:

  • Prof.dr. G.C. (Gerco) Angenent (Chair)
  • Dr. R. (Remko) Offringa (LU) and Prof.dr. D. (Dolf) Weijers (WUR), coordinators research theme 1
  • Dr. S. (Saskia) van Wees (UU) and E.H. (Erik) Poelman (WUR) , coordinators research theme 2
  • Dr. I. (Ivo) Rieu (RU) and Dr. L. (Leónie) Bentsink (WUR), coordinators research theme 3
  • Dr. M.E. (Maike) Stam (UvA) and Prof.dr. M.E. (Eric) Schranz (WUR), coordinators research theme 4

The Chairman of the PhD Council of EPS attends the meetings of the Research Committee.

The Educational Committee consists of EPS staff-members and PhD candidates:

  • Prof.dr. M. (Marcel) Dicke (WUR, Chair)
  • Dr. A.J.M. (Ton) Peeters (UU)
  • Dr. F.L.W (Frank) Takken (UvA)
  • Dr. J.L. (Janny) Peters (RU)
  • Dr. R. (Remko) Offringa (LU)

The Chair of the PhD Council of EPS attends the meetings of the Educational Committee.

The PhD Council consists of representatives from all research groups joined in EPS and advises the Board and Committees of EPS both upon request and on their own initiative.

  • Myrthe Praat, chair
  • Judit Nadal Bigas, secretary
  • Irene van Grinsven, council member
  • Octavina Sukarta, council member
  • Stuart Jansma, council member
  • Ivo Gariboldi, council member
  • Daniel Moñino Lopez, council member
  • Daan Mangé, council member
  • Jasper Lamers, council member
  • Mandy Ravensbergen, council member
  • Ties Ausma, council representative for University of Groningen

The PhD Council attends the meetings of the EPS Board, the Research Committee and the Educational Committee and contributes to (new) developments which may affect your PhD experience.

Prof.dr. Gerco Angenent is Director of EPS; as such, he is responsible for all executive affairs concerning EPS.

  • Prof.dr. G.C. (Gerco) Angenent, Director of EPS
  • Dr. I. (Ingrid) Vleghels, Secretary of EPS
  • Dr. S.L. (Susan) Urbanus, PhD Programme Coordinator / PhD Advisor
  • Dr. J. (Juliane) Teapal, Education Coordinator
  • Ms. R. (Ria) Fonteyn, Office assistance
  • Ms H. (Heleen) Schoenmaker, Office assistance