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Postdoc registration

Postdoc registration2021-04-15T17:12:49+01:00

To register as a postdoc with the graduate school, please fill in the following form, Registration form postdoc, and send a digital copy to Anja Mosselman, office assistant EPS.

Courses & Meetings
As a registered postdoc you may benefit from a reduced course fee if you participate in activities organized by EPS or by one of the affiliated universities and institutes.
A variety of courses, seminars, workshops and symposia is available to increase your in-depth knowledge of specific research topics, or to broaden your scientific horizons and your professional network. Additionally, the general skill training activities will enable you to continue your career inside academia or to explore alternative career paths outside of academia.
If you, as an EPS registered postdoc, would like to participate in a course organized at one of the affiliated universities or institutes, but there is a difference in fee for postdocs from that particular university/institute (internal fee) and postdocs from outside that particular university/institute (external fee), please consider asking EPS for compensation for this difference. You can send your request for compensation together with 1) documentation about the course content, 2) documentation about the differences in the fees, and 3) your motivation for participating in this particular course to the Education Coordinator, Juliane Teapal. Please note that there is no guarantee that your request for compensation will be fulfilled.
To supply the appropriate and desired educational format and content, the graduate school highly values your opinion on the training activities that EPS offers. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the Education Coordinator, Juliane Teapal.