The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)



Required documents for registration at the Graduate School EPS:

Please note that for PhD candidates at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) there are additional registration documents that need to be handed in before the start of the PhD project.  More information about registration of WUR PhD candidates can be found under EPS Documents.

1) Individual Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) PART A first day of PhD period
You and your supervisor need to draw up a ‘Training and Supervision Plan’ (TSP), available here: TSP. The first sheet of this Excel file gives an introduction on how to use this file. To start your registration, please fill in the required information on the sheet ‘About PhD’ on the first day of your appointment and subsequently forward this information to Anja Mosselman. It is possible to exclude the information about the External Advisor at this time.

2) Individual Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) Part B within 3 months after start
After the start of your PhD appointment you need to outline your training plan. More information about the PhD program can be found here. The sheet ‘Training’ must contain a plan of your training activities, encompassing a minimum of 30 ECTS credits. More detailed information about the specifics of the training can be found here. To help you and your supervisors with filling in the TSP, please have a look at the Training Example in the TSP. Please send the whole TSP in excel format as well as a scan of the signed sheets ‘About PhD’ (including the required information of the external advisor), ‘Supervision’, ‘Teaching’ and ‘Training’ electronically to Susan Urbanus within 3 months after the start. Please cc your promotor(s) and copromotor(s) in this e-mail.

3) PhD project proposal within 3-6 months after start
Please send an electronic version of the signed proposal in the proper format (Project form for PhD proposals) to Anja Mosselman within 3-6 months. If your PhD project is part of a larger grant, you can refer to this grant where appropriate, but please do not forget to send this grant proposal along with your PhD project proposal. Please cc your promotor(s) and copromotor(s) in this e-mail.

4) A ‘passport-like’ photo – within 3 months after start
Please send a good quality digital photo of yourself to Anja Mosselman for the EPS archive.