The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)



Information for EPS Staff members


Why should you join EPS?

Every researcher that is associated to a plant research group can be a member of the EPS community. EPS (Experimental Plant Sciences) is a national graduate school which aim it is to organize the training of PhD candidates and postdocs to become self-reliant researchers. Together with the support of EPS (staff) members we are able to set up a base for good education of (junior) scientists. Further EPS organizes various small and large meetings to give junior and senior researchers the possibilities to share their exciting results, set up new collaborations and increase their networks.


Are you a new member of a research group and you would like to join the EPS community please send the registration form to Anja Mosselman so we can add you to the EPS mailing list and to the EPS newsletter. Via these channels you will receive information about EPS events (meetings and courses) but also other interesting (often plant related) meetings and courses that take place worldwide. In the registration form, we kindly ask you to fill in which research theme of EPS you would like to belong to.  EPS is divided into 4 research themes: Theme 1 – Developmental Biology of Plants, Theme 2 – Interactions between Plants and Biotic Agents, Theme 3 – Metabolism and Adaptation and Theme 4 – Genome Biology and Gene Regulation. For more information about the research themes, please have a look here.

EPS events and courses

Throughout the year EPS organizes various meetings, some are for the whole community, some just for a certain research field. Each year we organize various EPS courses, from basic introduction course until advanced courses. To increase the number of courses and keep them of high quality, we are always looking for new ideas and members that support and help us. So please feel free to contact the education coordinator Juliane Teapal for questions and suggestions. An overview of existing EPS courses can be found here.

I have a new PhD candidate – what do I need to do?

PhD candidates registered with EPS and with an approved EPS or local Training & Supervision Plan (TSP) will receive a reduced fee for all EPS courses and WGS courses. Additionally, registered PhD candidates get invitations for activities like the EPS Introduction Course, the 2nd year PhD meet up, the 3rd year interview, the Get2Gether and so on. PhD candidates can also actively participate in the EPS community by joining the EPS PhD council. As soon as you know that a new PhD candidate will start in your group, please have them register with the graduate school. This registration is also mandatory for WUR PhD candidates. More information about how to register and what is needed, can be found here.  If you or your PhD candidate have any question about the registration procedure you can also contact our PhD programme coordinator & PhD advisor Susan Urbanus.

I have a new postdoc – what do I need to do?

Also postdocs registered with EPS will receive a reduced fee to all EPS courses and WGS courses. Please ask your postdoc to register. After the registration the postdoc will receive a career development plan that they are asked to discuss with the PI.  Postdocs can also actively participate in the EPS community by joining the Postdoc council. If you or your postdoc have any question about the registration you can also contact our postdoc advisor Juliane Teapal.