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How to request the EPS Certificate & Education Statement

If at the end of your PhD project you want to request the EPS certificate including an Education Statement, you can use the last sheet ‘Request Certificate’ in the EPS TSP file. Registered EPS PhD candidates from all EPS affiliated universities can request the EPS certificate if you fulfil the minimal training requirements as stipulated in the EPS TSP file. Please note that you can also request the EPS certificate if you, as part of the registration procedure, have sent in an approved local TSP/TSA from your own university instead of handing in the filled in EPS TSP file.

Please note that PhD candidates that started their PhD project before 1 November 2019 can choose to request the EPS certificate according to the requirements of the old TSP version OR according to the requirements of the new TSP version. Both documents can be found on the EPS website under EPS documents. Please fill in the appropriate request form and the training overview below it and make sure that you and your promotor sign and date this request.

Please send the following documents to Anja Mosselman:

  • The signed and dated request form as a (scanned) PDF file
  • The unsigned request form as an excel file, so EPS can process your request
  • Supporting documents (as a zip file or by SURF filesender) *

*Please make sure to place the supporting documents in different folders for the different sections in the training overview (Start-Up Phase; Scientific Exposure; In-Depth Studies; Personal Development; Teaching & Supervision Duties) and if relevant also in subfolders for the subsections (e.g. Lunteren days and other national platforms; seminars, workshops and symposia; international symposia and congresses). Also, please make sure to give the supporting documents an appropriate name which includes the year of the activity, like for instance 2017_ EPS Theme 1 symposium.

Please submit your request around the time that you hand in your thesis for the reading committee. After you have submitted your request, we will check if your training has indeed fulfilled all the requirements. If this is the case, we will then send your request to the Educational Committee in order to obtain their approval.

How to fill in the TSP Training sheet

Please fill in the dates as follows:

06 Sep 2018
10-23 Nov 2018

(Tip: write ’06 Sep 2018 if the format does not want to “stick” and keeps on changing. The ‘ will not be visible.)

  • Under the Scientific Exposure section please distinguish between Seminar, Symposium, Workshop, Talk and Poster and make separate categories in chronological order.

Symposium: xxxxxxxxx, place, country                        09 Sep 2017
Symposium: xxxxxxxxx, place, country                        12 Aug 2018
Workshop: xxxxx, place, country
Seminar: Name of speaker, title of seminar

Talk: title, event
Poster: title, event

Possible supporting documents to be sent for requesting the EPS Certificate

 Start-Up Phase:

  • First page of project proposal
  • File of accepted or published review article or book chapter (only in old TSP version)
  • Proof of attended MSc courses (Please note: Qualifying Exams (QEs) cannot be listed in the training!)

Scientific Exposure:

  • Certificates or e-mails confirming registrations and/or programs of symposia, conferences, workshops, PhD days etc.
  • Seminars: please just list the name of the speaker and/or the topic of the attended seminar, no further proof needed.
  • Posters presentation: PDFs of the posters
  • Oral presentations: programs, certificates or e-mails that show that you were a speaker at the event
  • 3rd year interview and meetings with mentor: please just list the dates, in principle no further proof needed
  • Excursion: program or e-mail confirming registration or attendance

In-Depth Studies:

  • Certificates of the attended courses, summer schools or workshops (or e-mails confirming registration or attendance)
  • Journal club: if available, send the scheduled list of the meetings
  • Individual research training: please list institute/lab, place, country in the training sheet and if possible send some confirmation of the time spent there.

Personal Development:

  • Certificates of the attended courses, workshops, or other special days (or e-mails confirming registration or attendance)
  • Organisation: if possible, please send a document that proves your activities
  • EPS PhD Council membership: if possible, please send a document that proves your activities

Teaching & Supervision Duties (only in new TSP version):

  • Schedules or confirmations that show your involvement in courses
  • Page from BSc or MSc thesis or internship report on which you are listed as supervisor