The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

NWO Open Technology Programme awards proposal from Leónie Bentsink 

“HEAT: High temperature Effect on Aradiposis and Tomato seed quality” is the name of the proposal that was awarded to Leonie Bentsink. It is based on a proposal written by Lars Barkermans under the supervision of Mariana Silva Artur and Leónie Bentsink and original submitted to the EPS talent programme.

Seeds are the starting material of agriculture. Climate changes, especially high temperatures, affect seed quality. In this proposal we aim at investigating the effect of high temperature on seed quality. We aim at studying if effects of high temperature can be transferred to the harvested seeds by means of seed treatments. We will identify genes that are important for the seed’s response to high temperature. These genes are potential candidates for improving seed quality in breeding programs and/or can be used as diagnostic tools to determine optimal harvest time.