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EPS workshop “Plant Hormones”

Date: 14 & 15 March 2023

Location: Campus, Wageningen University & Research

Fee: 100€ for PhDs, postdocs and technician registered for EPS, or within other WGS Graduate Schools

200€ for all other employees at Universities

400€  for Industry

Registration: open

Organizers: Wouter Kohlen, Wur and Harro Bouwmeester, UvA and EPS


Plant hormones are signal molecules that control all aspects of plant growth and development. They occur in low concentrations, but different from animal hormones they are small chemical compounds, can pass through cell walls, and can in theory be produced and sensed by all plant cells and tissues. That is all fine, but how do they regulate your favorite phenotypes and how to find out?


In this workshop we will focus an a subset of different plant hormones. These will include, but not be limited to, Gibberellins, Ethylene, and Strigolactones. We will discuss how these plant hormones, individual or in concert, are involved in regulating plant growth and development. We will look into how to integrate plant hormone analysis into plant research and the different tools available to do this. We will combine theory with practice as the morning lectures will be followed by afternoon practical work.


Speakers are;

Alexander Jones (Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University)

Iris Kappers (WUR)

Hans van Veen (UU/RUG)

Harro Bouwmeester (UvA)

Wouter Kohlen (WUR)

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 through March 15
More Information will follow soon.
Wageningen Campus
Bronland 1, Wageningen