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10th European Plant Science Retreat (EPSR) for PhD candidates2018-10-01T14:26:19+01:00

European Plant Science Retreat

The European Plant Science Retreat is an international scientific congress organized each year by a team of local PhD candidates.It was initiated during an international collaboration to improve research, training and education of plant science PhD candidates in Europe.  Yearly since 2008 this network organizes a congress “by and for” PhD candidates in the different associated institutes, which have highly related and complementary thematic. The last one was organised 2018, so it is time to restart the tradition.

Date: 12.09. – 15.09.2023

Location: Wageningen, The Netherlands

Confirmed Speaker:

Elisabeth Bik , Scientific Integrity, San Fransisco, USA

Bert de Rybel, Root development, VIB Ghent, Belgium

Jane Parker, Immunity, University of Cologne, Germany

Jose Lozano Torres, Nematology, Wageningen University and Research


Registration is open, please look at the website for more information.


Tuesday, September 12, 2023 through September 15
On location
Wageningen University, The Netherlands