The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Berendsen receives funding through NWO Open Technology Programme

Dr. Roeland Berendsen from the Plant-Microbe Interaction group at the Utrecht University receives funding  for his proposal: “Sequence-based POTato Microbiome tools for microbiome-optimized potatoes”.

More information about the proposal:
Potato is one of the most important food crops, but its production greatly depends on the use of agrochemicals. The plant microbiome supports plant growth and health and microbiome-assisted crop systems can reduce the use of agrochemicals. In this project, we will link sequencing-based microbiome fingerprints from seed potato tubers to the vitality and health of the potato crop that emerges from them. We will identify and isolate potato vitality- and health-promoting microbes to develop sustainable microbiome-optimized potato cultivation systems that make better use of the natural microbial potential of soils and rely less on inputs of fertilizer and pesticides. 


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