The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Want to share your PhD life hacks? Call for a new EPS PhD Peer Consultation group

Are you interested in regularly meeting up with other EPS PhD candidates? And do you want to share your PhD experiences with your colleagues and learn from each other in a structured way?

Then perhaps you would be interested in the possibility of an EPS PhD Peer Consultation Group. There is already one PhD candidate from Wageningen University & Research interested in setting up a new group, so if there are 4-7 more persons with an interest for this EPS PhD Peer Consultation offer, we can get started.

Peer Consultation, also called Intervision, is a method to help you to talk about everyday professional life, in this case PhD life, and learn from each other in a structured way in a safe environment. This is done by discussing a particular case from one of the participants according to the format that has been chosen by the group. The group will help this person to reflect on his/her own behaviour and (re)actions in a particular situation, give supportive feedback and generate alternatives on how to deal with the situation. After the first few meetings with support from a coach to get used to the method, the group would be in charge of the scheduling and can continue independently. Meetings are usually with a monthly frequency and last about 1.5-2 hours, but the group can experiment with what works well for everybody and how informal or formal the structure has to be. Besides learning from each other during your PhD track, you will also learn a valuable technique that you can keep on using later on in your career.

Are you an EPS PhD candidate and interested in joining a possible EPS PhD Peer Consultation Group, please leave your details here before the 1st of December:

If you have any questions about this offer, please contact Susan Urbanus