The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Two projects awarded within the Open Technology Programme

The project “CLOSE-UP! A close-up of unresponsive guard cells of plants grown at high humidity” is awarded to a consortium of researchers with Julian Verdonk (EPS en PE&RC member) as coordinator.  EPS members Joost Keurentjes ( Co-applicator), Leo Marcelis, Elias Kaiser en Paul Arens (joined EPS/PE&RC members) are part of this consortium.  The project investigates stomatal regulation in high air humidity, which contributes to better postharvest keeping quality of plant products, such as vase life of chrysanthemum.

The second project investigates  lab grown fruits in analogy with lab-grown meat; imagine that we can produce fruits from a small piece of plant tissue instead of growing a whole plant. “Fruit of Knowledge – Designing lab-grown tomatoes ” will be coordinated by Leo Marcelis and also in this research consortium multiple EPS members ( Dolf Weijers, WUR; Marcel Proveniers; UU) are involved.

More information can be found here.