The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Tijs Ketelaar and Otto van den Linden are part of a consortia that has been awarded funding within the KIC call Aquatic food production

SeaSEEDS  – Seaweed Attachment onto Substrates and Economic Embedding into Dutch Society

Seaweeds are a promising though barely exploited source of biomass and proteins. Small scale cultivation trials show that large and variable detachment of seaweeds results in inefficient and unpredictable cultivation with high economic risks and an unknown impact on marine ecology. Consequently, the sector fails to attract investments, which complicates the upscaling required for profitability. We will improve attachment of sugar kelp, study the consequences of large scale seaweed culture on the marine ecology and create business models for Dutch seaweed. Our efforts will yield economic opportunities in, and societal awareness for the transition towards a sustainable blue economy. More information about the KIC call and the consortia can be found here.