The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Seven EPS proposals granted in Graduate School Green Topsectors/Wageningen Graduate School call

The NWO graduate programme Green Top Sectors offers MSc students in the Plant Sciences the opportunity to write and submit their own PhD proposals with a research group of their own choice. An NWO committee selected 5 MSc students whose projects were awarded with a fellowship. In addition, Wageningen UR selected 2 proposals for funding. In total 7 proposals were selected for funding.

Granted proposals Graduate School Green Top Sectors call:

  • Merijn Kerstens, WUR (coach Dr. Viola Willemsen) – Spiralling into Control: Shaping Architecture in Arabidopsis and Cucumber
  • Thalia Luden, LU (coach Prof. Remko Offringa) – REJUVENATOR: the potential of regulating plant longevity
  • Jillis Grubben, WUR (coach Prof. Richard Visser) – Targeted DNA-Recombination in Somatic Cells of Plants
  • Louise Logie, WUR (coach Prof. Mark Aarts) – The essence of non-photochemical quenching in higher plant photosynthesis
  • Hanneke Suijkerbuijk, WUR (coach Dr. Erik Poelman) – Enhancing Brassica seed yield and quality: understanding the role of herbivory in outcrossing through pollination and self-incompatibility
  • Granted proposals Wageningen UR
  • Lisa Olijslager, WUR (coach Prof. Dolf Weijers) – Editing the Editor: Developing a plant-specific CRISPR-Cas enzyme
  • Iris Zahn, WUR (coach Prof. Gerco Angenent) – Activity of Flowering Regulators in Tomato


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