The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Seven EPS proposals granted in Graduate School Green Top Sectors/Wageningen Graduate School call

The NWO graduate programme Green Top Sectors offers MSc students in the Plant Sciences the opportunity to write and submit their own PhD proposals with a research group of their own choice. An NWO committee selected six MSc students who were awarded with a fellowship for their proposal. In addition, Wageningen UR had one extra position available for a proposal by an MSc student. This resulted in six EPS proposals funded by the Graduate School Green Top Sectors and a seventh EPS proposal funded via a Wageningen Graduate School call.

Granted proposals Graduate School Green Top Sectors call:

Myrthe Praat, UU (coach: Dr. ing. Martijn van Zanten) –Plants grow with a foot on the brake: How the promiscuous MPK6 kinase universally represses acclimation to warm and cold temperature signals

Michele Malvestiti, WUR (coach: Dr. Jan van Kan) –Effector proteins of Botrytis elliptica as tools for resistance breeding in lily against fire blight disease

Thomas Aalders,
UvA (coach: Dr. ing. Frank Takken) TOPLESS a novel S gene: Unravelling the manipulation of Topless by a conserved effector from Fusarium oxysporum

Juriaan Rienstra, WUR (coach: Prof. dr. Dolf Weijers)-Laying the foundation of plant shape by design: cracking the code of ARF5 DNA-binding

William de Martines, WUR (coach: Prof. dr. R.G.F. Visser) Targeted allele replacement

Michiel Kasteel, WUR (coach: Prof. dr. ir. Francine Govers & Dr. Tijs Ketelaar)Blight in the spotlight; an innovative microscopic assay for unravelling and quantifying the Phytophthora infestans infection process

 Granted proposal Wageningen graduate school:

 Bram Kamps, WUR (coach: Dr. Erik Poelman) –The double trouble of insect attack and water stress: Using natural variation in plant adaptations to a water gradient to elucidate how plants defend against insect herbivory while facing water stress

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