The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

New EPS Theme 1 coordinator

We are very happy to announce that Kaisa Kajala from Utrecht University will be the new coordinator for Theme 1 and are looking forward to organize plenty of interesting meetings with her.
The recent Theme 1 symposium was the last of many that was organised from Remko Offringa, Professor for Plant Developmental Genetics at the University of Leiden. Together with the 2nd Theme 1 coordinator Dolf Weijers they welcomed the Keynote speakers Thorsten Hamann (NTNU, Norway) and Victoria Mironova (RU) as well as talented PhDs and postdocs to present their exciting results. At the end of the symposium Dolf thanked him in the name of the whole EPS community for all his contribution to EPS as a theme coordinator and part of the education committee in the last 18 years. Remko promised to be back and support the EPS community in a different way.