The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Jian Xu appointed professor of Plant Systems Physiology

As of June 1st, Jian Xu has started as professor of Plant Systems Physiology at Radboud University. He is the successor of Prof. Titti Mariani.

Prof. Xu obtained his PhD in Molecular Genetics at Utrecht University, after which he continued his work for three years as a postdoctoral researcher (with an NWO Veni grant) before moving to Singapore.

Prof. Xu’s research interests lie primarily in plant regeneration and stress biology. He is fascinated by the extraordinary capabilities of plant roots to generate diverse types of tissues and lateral organs (such as the root cap, lateral roots, nodules, root sprouts and tubers) and to survive in often harsh environmental conditions (such as under flooding and drought conditions, temperature extremes, nutrient shortage, and in the presence of bacterial and fungal pathogens). At Radboud University, he will continue his highly successful research on plant roots, in collaboration with his new colleagues from the Institute for Water and Wetland Research.