The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Five EPS proposals granted in TKI Graduate School Green Top sectors/Wageningen Graduate School call

The TKI graduate programme Green Top Sectors offers MSc students in the Plant Sciences the opportunity to write and submit their own PhD proposals with a research group of their own choice. A selection committee selected 4 MSc students, 3 from EPS and one from WASS (Iris de Leeuw) , whose projects were awarded with a fellowship. In addition, Wageningen UR selected another 2 EPS proposals for funding.

Granted proposals TKI Graduate School Green Top Sectors call:

Kevin Peek, UvA (coach Dr. Maike Stam) – Stabilizing unstable traits: elucidating the mechanisms underlying non-mendelian segregation in crops

Sarah Kalisvaart, WUR (coach Dr. Erik Poelman) – The spitting image: ecological effects of a parasitoid virus through caterpillar oral secretions

Suraj Hassan Muralidhar, WUR (coach Dr. Jan van Kan) – Soaps help plants: Exploiting plant defense compounds to improve disease resistance in chrysanthemum

Granted proposals Wageningen UR:

Monique van Schie, WUR (coach Prof. Dolf Weijers) – Navigating plant development: how the ‘molecular compass’ SOSEKI1 coordinates plant architecture

Lisanne Kottenhagen, WUR (coach Prof. Gert Kema, Dr. Carolina Aguilera) – Friend or Foe: Exploring endophytic colonization by the banana pathogen Fusarium odoratissimum TR4 in banana and other plant species