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Writing Support Group

Writing scientific articles, project proposals and grant applications is one of the core tasks of us Scientists. It is primarily an activity that can be performed at home and with the current corona regulation it means even less contact with colleagues that can support/guide us.
So, there we sit in front of our laptop, our mind filled with all information needed to start writing. But somehow there are always other things to do instead of starting/continue writing.  The pressure increases as a deadline is coming closer and closer.
Is this situation familiar to you? Have you thought about joining a Writing Support Group?
Set-up of Writing Support Group
The idea behind the Writing Support Group is that it makes it easier for scientists to build up a good writing routine when they are a part of a writing group that follows the same program. A group of peers recognizes each other’s problems and can inspire and motivate each other to keep on going. The Writing Support Group gives structure and will advance your knowledge of the writing process.

Date: 26 January  – 2 March 2021 (every Tuesday)
Venue: online course
First target group (registration open now): EPS PhD candidates and postdocs registered with EPS
Fee: 250 Euro for EPS PhDs and Postdocs (Approved TSP)
Amount of participants: 8
Study load: 1 ECTS

Before the start of the Writing Support Group the participants will be asked to make a personal writing plan with a realistic planning for the text that they want to finish writing within 6 weeks, plus a more detailed planning per week. You will start with an online group session in which you will discuss the set-up and activities of the group and do a few creative exercises. On the first day you will also have an individual meeting with the coach to discuss your personal writing plan. During the next five weeks the coach will plan a group session, do new exercises with you, give you tips and offer an optional hour for questions, every week. Additionally the participants will receive a newsletter with ideas, reading tips and videos twice a week.


Brief overview of the program

Week 1 @ 26 January 2021: thinking about your own goal and motivation, keeping focus

Week 2 @02 February 2021: planning, how to stop procrastination, having breaks

Week 3 @09 February 2021: phases in the writing process, creative flow, rewarding yourself

Week 4 @16 February 2021: inner critic, constructive rewriting, maintaining concentration

Week 5 @ 23 February 2021: working together, giving feedback, dealing with feedback

Week 6 @ 02 March 2021: wrapping up, reflection, new plans


Please register by sending an Email to Juliane Teapal (


Tuesday, January 26, 2021 through March 2
09:00 - 17:00