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Summer school – Functions of microbial communities in soils: Biotic interactions2018-10-01T14:26:19+01:00

Summer school – Functions of microbial communities in soils: Biotic interactions

Registration deadline: 28 June 2019
Fees and Costs: Summer school registration fees are free. Travel and accommodation have to be organized and paid by the participants.
Organizer: Helmholtz Zentrum München and Technical University Munich, Germany and Université de Lorraine, France
More information:

In late summer 2019, the Helmholtz Zentrum München organizes a summerschool with a focus on Biotic interactions in plants/soils.

Major topics:

  • actual concepts and knowledge of microbial ecology in plant-soil-systems
  • importance of microbial communities for maintenance and restoration of soil functions and plant health.

The topics cover diverse biotic interactions such as microbe-microbe, microbe-plant interactions and multitrophic relations. This includes mechanisms of interaction such as signalling and symbiotic regulation but also biodiversity functional relationships.

The summerschool includes morning lectures, afternoon lab courses, and excursions.

Confirmed speakers:
Mohammad Bahram (Sweden), Peter Bakker (The Netherlands), Aurélie Cébron (France), Annegret Kohler (France), Christina Kuttler (Germany), Corinne Leyval (France), Macarena Marin (Germany), Karin Pritsch (Germany), Viviane Radl (Germany), Maaria Rosenkranz (Germany), Pascal Simonet (France), Marjetka Suhadolc (Slovenia), Mika Tarkka (Germany), Gianpiero Vigani (Italy), Corina Vlot (Germany)

Organisation committee:
Germany: Karin Pritsch, Corina Vlot, Maaria Rosenkranz, Fabian Weikl

France: Aurélie Cébron, Corinne Leyval, Thierry Beguiristain

Wednesday, August 28, 2019 through September 6
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