The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)


Online-EPS Theme 2 Symposia “Interactions between Plants and Biotic Agents ”2018-10-01T14:26:19+01:00

Date: 8 February 2022, 13:00– 18:00 (including Pubquiz)
Organizers: Erik Poelmann & Harold van den Burg
Location: Online
Deadline for abstract submission: 10 January 2022
Deadline for Registration: 2. February 2022 (without snack box), 23 January 2022 (with snack box)
Registration: open

All EPS members with an interest in Interactions between Plants and Biotic Agents are hereby kindly invited to join the EPS Theme 2 Symposium on the 8th of February. We will finish the day with a fun Pubquiz.


14:00   OPENING

 14:05    Sebastian Tonn (Plant Microbe Interactions, UU) Phenotyping of lettuce downy mildew by imaging pathogen induced UV-fluorescence

14:30    Yu-Hsien Lin (Plant Physiology – UVA) Enzymatic properties and phylogenetic analyses suggest the evolutionary timeline and divergence of lepidopteran hexenal isomerases

14:55    BREAK

15:05    PARALLEL SESSIONS (two sessions, four presentations each)


15:05   Si Qin (Phytopathology, WUR) Cross-kingdom RNA interference in early phases of the Botrytis cinerea-tomato interaction

15:20   Hayat Sehki (Molecular Plant Pathology, UVA) Viruses expressing weak Viral Suppressor of RNA silencing induce RNASE THREE LIKE1 to promote infection

15:35   Changfeng Zhang (Plant Microbe Interactions, UU) Devosia sp. ZB163 is consistently enriched on hyphae of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and promotes plant mycorrhization, nitrogen uptake and growth

15:50    Daniel Monino Lopez (Plant Breeding, WUR) Rpi-agf1: a novel type broad spectrum resistance gene against Phytophthora infestans

16:05    Session discussion


15:05   Davy Meijer (Entomology, WUR) The role of far-red light in mediating tritrophic plant-arthropod interactions

15:20   Nina Guarneri (Nematology, WUR) Root architecture plasticity in response to endoparasitic cyst nematodes is mediated by damage signaling

15:35   Einar Martínez (Phytopathology, WUR) Genetic diversity and comparative genomic analysis of Fusarium spp. strains infecting bananas in Cuba

15:50    Xiangyu Liu (Plant Sciences, LU) Current and legacy effects of neighborhood communities on plant growth and aboveground herbivory

16:05    Session discussion

 16:20    BREAK, Formation of teams for Pubquiz

16:30    PUBQUIZ

17:00    END



Tuesday, February 8, 2022