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EPS Post-Doc Council event: Post-Doc Day 2022 

Postdoc being a short-term job and a bridge between the PhD and the independent research position makes postdocs focus primarily on research while being less engaged with the academic community. And in academia, in general, postdoctoral researchers are neglected compared to PhD students or faculty members. 

At the EPS Postdoc Day we invite our peers to join a day focused entirely on the postdoc experience next to the beautiful botanical garden at Utrecht University. With this event we want to bring the community together, give everyone an opportunity to share their experience and to learn how to work towards their preferred career paths. Join us in sharing your own experience in sessions where we help each other by discussing how navigate the job market or personal life during this stage of our careers. Feel inspired by personal stories of ex-postdocs that transitioned to academia, industry and beyond, and learn from established scientists how to pursue a career in either academia or industry successfully. We hope to see you there! 


Time   Events 
9:00 9:30  Welcome + coffee 
9:30 9:45  Greetings from the post-doc council 
9:45 11:15  Session 1: Career paths / work life balance 
11:15 11:45  Coffee 
11:45 12:30  Panel session with the invited speakers for career paths  
12:30 13:30  Lunch 
13:30 14:30  Session 2: Academic career track: learning from those who made it. 
14:30 14:45  Coffee 
14:45 16:00  Session 3: Experience exchange (these are dynamic session where we invite you to actively engage in the discussions) 


Parallel Workshop 1 – Being a post-doc – learning from each other  


Parallel Workshop 2 – Experience exchange: Being a parent while being a post-doc 

16:00 18:30  Social Activity – visit to the botanical garden of UU 
18:30 20:30  Dinner at the botanical garden 



When is it going to happen?  

The 20th of May, 2022. 

Where is it going to happen?  

Utrecht University, at the KGB building. 

Do I need to pay to register? 

No, the event is for free! It’s a celebration of the post-docs registered with EPS all over the Netherlands! 

How do I register?

Here’s the link to register:

Confirmed speakers 

 Session 1: Dr. José Lozano Torres (WUR), Dr. Mireille van Damme (WUR), Dr. Lotte Westerhof (Hudson River) 

Session 2: Dr. Eric Schranz (WUR), Dr. Harro Bouwmeester (UvA)   




Friday, May 20, 2022
On location