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EPS Advanced Course "Transcription factors and transcriptional regulation"2018-10-01T14:26:19+01:00

Transcription factors and transcriptional regulation

Date: December, 13 -15, 2021

Location:  Forum, Wageningen Campus, Wageningen University, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Language: English

Group size: maximum of 40 participants

Credits: 1.0 ECTS

€ 150 for EPS PhD students with approved TSP or postdocs registered with EPS;
€ 300 for other PhD students, postdocs and academic staff;
€ 450 for participants from the private sector

Registration: here

Keywords: Transcription factors and regulatory sequences, gene regulation, gene regulatory networks, chromatin remodelling, epigenetic regulation, technology.

Organizers: Gerco Angenent (Wageningen University) and Maike Stam (University of Amsterdam)

Contact: Juliane Teapal

Introduction: Gene regulation is an essential process in all organisms. Transcription of genes is tightly controlled in a temporal and spatial manner and responds to internal and external signals, such as developmental cues, temperature or pathogen attack. Eukaryotes have evolved numerous mechanisms to activate or suppress gene expression, among others by the action of specific transcription factors (TF), chromatin remodelling, histone modifications, DNA methylation, histone variants, alternative splicing, and long non-coding (LNC) and small-RNAs. In this EPS course, an attractive program is provided in which experts in the field will highlight and discuss different aspects of gene regulation, focussing on gene expression in plants.

Content: In addition to lectures by experts, there will be ample opportunity for discussions during poster viewing sessions and in a literature discussion session. Furthermore, in a short computer workshop you will learn how to analyse and find TF binding sites and other regulatory sequences using ChIP-seq and other NGS data. Topics that will be addressed are as follows: Day 1: Introduction on transcriptional regulation, epigenetics, and associated technologies; building Gene Regulatory Networks and usage of websites for the analysis of TFs and their binding sites. Day 2: Epigenetic regulation of gene expression (DNA methylation, chromatin modifications, 3D-chromatin conformation and epigenetic memory). Day 3: A number of interesting lectures about plant TFs and transcriptional regulation through various mechanisms.

The course is especially attractive for Ph.D. students, but the program will also be of interest for post-docs and senior scientists who are working in the field of gene regulation or are using associated technologies.

Monday, December 13, 2021 through December 15
Hybrid event
WUR – Forum building
Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen