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The social visibility of scientists  and their research is important. Both in the context of knowledge dissemination and for their career development it is necessary to be able to tell a story about their research. Lately one way of presenting your story gets more and more attention in the scientific world: in form of a short video.
However, many scientists find it difficult to explain their research.  For example, they are too modest about their exciting results but at the same time explain every small detail. Due to the scroll and zap culture it is difficult and you lose the viewer’s attention very fast. Therefore, scientists need to learn to express themselves using a combination of images and sound to not just catch the attention but also keep it.

Date: 2 and 30 March 2021
Venue: online course
First target group (registration open now): EPS PhD candidates 3rd/4th year and postdocs registered with EPS
Fee: 85 Euro for EPS PhDs and Postdocs (Approved TSP)
Amount of participants: 12 (you will work in groups of two)
Study load: 0.6 ECTS

After the workshop the participants:

  • know which part of their research is interesting to use for a movie for future employers, social media and/or a public audience
  • know how to write concise, attractive and comprehensible stories about their research
  • can tailor their story to a specific one target audience
  • know the basic principles of filming and editing using their phone
  • have made a storyboard and based on it a short video
  • practiced performing in front of a camera

Please register via this link

If you have any more question please contact:  Juliane Teapal (Juliane.Teapal@wur.n

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 through March 30
Two day course