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We are all still adjusting to the new ways of living and working in these times. How are you coping? Show us by sending us a picture of for instance your improvised work space at home, your digital PhD defense, or the (almost) empty lab where you are performing the experiments that have to continue. Then we will post them on our EPS website.

What do you miss most from your regular work life? If you think that the EPS platform could be helpful in hosting online events or meet-ups, please give us your feedback.

Perhaps you were supposed to give a seminar or presentation at a now cancelled event and would like to share this presentation online with the rest of the EPS community? If this is the case and the research data is not confidential, please send us a video of your presentation and we will show it on the website.

Do you have tips & tricks for working under these special circumstances, or would you just like to share something about your days, then write a blog or record a vlog and send it to Heleen Schoenmaker.

Archives with recorded science seminars

Want to watch an interesting science seminar at a moment and time that is convenient for you?
Here are some links to different archives with recorded seminars:

Radboud Reflects – Radboud University Nijmegen

Studium Generale Groningen

Studium Generale – Leiden University

Studium Generale – Utrecht University

Studium Generale – Wageningen University & Research

Virtual Plant Science Seminars – Plantae

Do you want to add an interesting archive to this list? Then please contact Heleen Schoenmaker.

Blog by Ana Pineda: How to focus and write when working from home

I had a different post ready for this week, but in the light of the crisis we are currently living, and with thousands of scientists working from home, I thought about contributing with a more practical topic. I cannot say much about viruses and pandemics, but… I have worked a lot from home (like in years scale), and do plenty of google research trying (often failing) to be more productive and stay sane. With these credentials ;), here are the strategies that I would recommend you to try: Plan your [...]