The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

ENW-XL grant for large Research Consortium with EPS Researchers

Why do plants develop wood and lignin in their stems? ” is one of the 21 grant application that has been approved in the Open Competition Domain Science-XL programme. Next to the main applicant Remko Offringa (LU), also the EPSers: Salma Balazadeh (LU), Luisa Trindade (WUR) and Marian Bemer (WUR) are involved in this large research project. Together with other scientists of different fields they will  investigate i) which genes drive wood and lignin formation, ii) if increased wood/lignin production in stems makes plants more drought tolerant and iii) which effect this has on lignin structure and whether this allows a sustainable method to harvest high value lignin from waste streams of food crops.
More information can be found here.