The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

EMBO postdoctoral fellowship for Sjors van der Horst

A prestigious two-year EMBO postdoctoral fellowship was awarded to Sjors van der Horst of the Molecular Plant Physiology group at Utrecht University. Sjors will join the lab of Prof. Julia Bailey-Serres at the University of California in Riverside (UCR), USA. Julia Bailey-Serres runs a world famous laboratory working on plant RNA biology and abiotic stress, with a special interest in flooding-induced (hypoxia) stress.

At UCR, Sjors will combine his PhD work on mRNA translation regulation with recent findings by the Bailey-Serres lab on a hypoxia-sensitive gene involved in mRNA decay. More specifically, Sjors will implement a novel technique (disome-sequencing) to investigate if and how ribosomes are stalled during mRNA translation on a genome-wide scale, and compare this with mRNA decay and flooding tolerance.