The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Arrival of the EPS Postdoc Council!

It has taken some time, but we are happy to announce that EPS now has its very own Postdoc Council. As EPS Postdoc Council we aim to bring the EPS postdoc community together for exchanging ideas and discussing problems. Furthermore, we aim to organize meetings and workshops benefitting the professional development and career of postdocs. We also will be organizing the EPS Flying Seminars to be held in Wageningen, Utrecht and Amsterdam, so let us know if you have any suggestions for interesting speakers.

To enable us to cater for all the EPS postdocs as well as for you to benefit from a reduced course fee for activities organized by the EPS, we would ask you to make sure to register as a postdoc with the graduate school. Please fill in the following form, Registration form postdoc, and send a digital copy to Heleen Schoenmaker, office assistant EPS. This will also help us to contact you to let you know about interesting meetings, workshops and courses.

If you have any ideas for meetings or workshops please contact us at or you can also follow us on twitter @PlantSciPostDoc

Our current chair and secretary are Tatyana (Tanya) Radoeva (WUR) and Femke de Jong (UvA). At the moment the EPS Postdoc Council has members from Wageningen, Utrecht and Amsterdam, it is however very important that all associated universities are represented within the EPS Postdoc Council, so let us know if you are interested.