The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

Research Programme

Research Programme2022-09-06T12:56:50+01:00

EPS Theme 1 – Developmental Biology of Plants

  • Prof.dr. M.E. Janson, Dr. T. Ketelaar (Cell Biology, WUR): The cytoskeleton in plant cell growth and division, intracellular organization and signaling.
  • Prof.dr. B.M. Mulder (Cell Biology, WUR): Biophysics of cellulose synthesis.
  • Prof.dr. S.C. de Vries (Biochemistry, WUR): Multiple signaling pathways served by the SERK receptors.
  • Dr. J.W. Borst (Biochemistry, WUR): ATP effects on FRET biosensors.
  • Dr. T. Munnik, (Plant Cell Biology, UvA): Role of phospholipids in plant signalling and development.
  • Prof.dr. T. Bisseling, Dr. H.G.J.M. Franssen, Dr. R. Geurts, Dr. E.H.M. Limpens (Molecular Biology, WUR): Legume-Rhizobium interaction.
  • Dr. A.R. van der Krol (Plant Physiology, WUR), Dr. A.H.P. America (Bioscience, WUR): Cell specific proteomics in plants.

EPS Theme 2 – Interactions between Plants and Biotic Agents

  • Prof. dr. B.P.H.J. Thomma (Phytopathology, WUR): Arabidopsis guides research on tomato diseases.
  • Dr. M.H.A.J. Joosten (Phytopathology, WUR): Resistance and (a)virulence in the interaction between Solanaceous plants and their pathogens.
  • Dr. T. Munnik (Plant Cell Biology, UvA): Role of phosphatidic acid in plant defence signalling.
  • Dr. F.L.W. Takken (Molecular Plant Pathology, UvA): Uncovering the molecular mechanisms of R protein function.
  • Dr. Y. Bai, Dr. A.W. van Heusden, Prof.dr. R.G.F. Visser (Plant Breeding, WUR): Resistance breeding.
  • Dr. ir. V.G.A.A. Vleeshouwers Prof.dr. R.G.F. Visser (Plant Breeding, WUR): In search for durable resistance against the potato pathogen Phytophthora infestans.
  • Dr. B. Vosman, Dr. R.E. Niks, Prof.dr. R.G.F. Visser (Plant Breeding, WUR): Breeding for insect resistant plants.
  • Prof.dr. J. Bakker, Dr. A. Goverse, Dr. G. Smant (Nematology, WUR): R gene mediated resistance in potato.
  • Dr. A. Schots (Nematology, WUR): Oral immune regulation of inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Dr. I. Kappers (Plant Physiology, WUR): Communication between plants and insects.
  • Prof. dr. C.M.J. Pieterse, Dr. P.A.H.M. Bakker, Dr. A.C.M. van Wees, Dr. R. de Jonge (Plant-Microbe Interactions, UU): Exploring the immune response of Arabidopsis.
  • Prof. dr. J.M. Raaijmakers (Soil Ecology, NIOO, IBL, LU): Molecular and functional analysis of biosurfactant production in beneficial and plant pathogenic Pseudomonas species.
  • Dr. R.C. Schuurink, Prof. dr. M.A. Haring (Plant Physiology, UvA): The role of plant volatiles in airborne communication.
  • Prof. dr. J.J.A. van Loon (Entomology, WUR): Ecophysiology of insect-plant interactions.
  • Prof. dr. M. Dicke, Dr. E.H. Poelman (Entomology, WUR): Chemical and molecular ecology of tritrophic interactions.
  • L.E.M. Vet, Prof. dr. W.H. van der Putten, Dr. A. Biere (NIOO): Interactions aboveground-belowground induced responses.
  • Dr. M.R. Kant (Population Biology, UvA): Exploring how herbivore variability leads to adaptation against host-plant defenses.
  • Dr. K. Vrieling, Prof. dr. P.G.L. Klinkhamer (Plant Sciences and Natural Products, LU): Ecology and evolution of herbivory and plant defence systems.

EPS Theme 3 – Metabolism and Adaptation

  • Dr. H. Schluepmann (Molecular Plant Physiology, UU): Trehalose metabolism in plants.
  • Prof. dr. H. van Amerongen, Dr. J. Hohlbein, Dr. E. Wientjes (Biophysics, WU): Primary steps in plant photosynthesis.
  • Prof. dr. R. Croce (Physics and Astronomy, VU): Biophysics of photosynthesis.
  • Dr. L.M. Trindade, Prof.dr. R.G.F. Visser (Plant Breeding, WUR): Bioengineering of metabolic pathways in food and industrial crops.
  • Prof. dr. C.S. Testerink, (Plant Physiology, WUR): Salt and water stress responses in plants.
  • Dr. E.J.W. Visser (Experimental Plant Ecology, RU): Plasticity of plants in response to environmental stresses.
  • Prof. dr. H. van Amerongen (Biophysics, WUR): Primary steps in plant photosynthesis.
  • Dr. H.W.M. Hilhorst, Dr. L. Bentsink (Plant Physiology, WUR): Seed science.
  • Dr. T. Munnik (Plant Cell Biology, UvA): Cold and osmotic stress-induced lipid signaling.
  • Prof. dr. C. Mariani, Dr. I. Rieu (Plant Cell Biology, RU): Biotic and a-biotic stress responses in Solanaceae.
  • Prof. dr. L.A.C.J. Voesenek, Dr. R. Pierik, Dr. R. Sasidharan (Plant Ecophysiology, UU): Regulation of environmentally induced elongation growth.
  • Prof. dr. R. Pierik (Plant Ecophysiology, UU): Plant Photobiology: how to grow at high densities.
  • Dr. R. Sasidharan, Prof. L.A.C.J. Voesenek (Plant Ecophysiology, UU): Flooding survival mechanisms in plants.
  • Prof. dr. M.G.M. Aarts (Genetics, WUR): Evolution of plant adaptation to the abiotic environment.
  • Prof. dr. H.J. Bouwmeester (Plant Hormone Biology, UvA): The role of plant hormones in the communication between plants and other organisms.
  • Dr. C.G. van der Linden, Prof. dr. R.G.F. Visser (Plant Breeding, WUR): Breeding for abiotic stress resistance.
  • Prof. dr. T.M. Elzenga (Ecophysiology of Plants, RUG): Membrane transport processes in plants.
  • Dr. L.J. de Kock (Ecophysiology of Plants, RUG): Plants’ Sulfur Metabolism and its Significance in Adaptation to the Environment.
  • Dr. H. Schat (Systems Ecology, VU): Physiological and molecular analysis of heavy metal hypertolerance and heavy metal hyperaccumulation in metallophytes.

EPS Theme 4 – Genome Biology and Gene Regulation

  • Dr. C.W. Bachem, Dr. H.J. van Eck, Prof. dr. R.G.F. Visser (Plant Breeding, WUR): Genetic and Physical mapping of the Potato Genome.
  • Prof. dr. T. Bisseling,  Dr. J. Wellink (Molecular Biology, WUR and Prof. dr. B.M. Mulder (AMOLF): Higher order organisation of chromatin and its function in development.
  • Prof. dr. D. de Ridder, Dr. M.H. Medema, Dr. S. Smit, Dr. H. Nijveen, Dr. A.D.J. van Dijk (Bioinformatics, WUR): Novel computational methods for the analysis and integration of –omics data
  • Dr. P. Fransz, Dr. M.E. Stam (Plant Development & (Epi)Genetics, UvA): Regulation of the chromatin structure in Arabidopsis and maize.
  • Dr. E. van de Weg, Dr. P. Arens, Dr. C. Maliepaard (Plant Breeding, WUR): Crop genomics.
  • Dr. M. van Zanten, Prof. dr. J.C.M. Smeekens (Molecular Plant Physiology, UU): Mechanisms of plant high temperature acclimation.
  • Dr. L.W. Chatrou, DR. F.T. Bakker , Prof. dr. M.E. Schranz (Biosystematics, WUR): Evolution and phylogenetics of plant species, including wild relatives of crop plants.
  • Prof. dr. E. Schranz  (Biosystematics, WUR): The evolutionary history (phylogeny) of polyploid plants and their diploid relatives.
  • Dr. N. Fatouros, Prof. dr. E. Schranz (Biosystematics, WUR): evolution of insect-microbe-plant interactions.
  • Dr. S. Simon, Prof. dr. E. Schranz (Biosystematics, WUR): Insect-Phylogenomics.
  • Dr. M. Seidl, Prof. dr. B.P.H.J. Thomma (Phytopathology, WUR): Evolutionary genomics
  • Dr. F.A. Krens, Dr. J.M. van Tuyl, Prof.dr. E. Jacobsen, Prof.dr. R.G.F. Visser (Plant Breeding, WUR): Exploiting genetic modification to enlarge genetic variation in crop plants.
  • Prof.dr. P.W. Crous (Phytopathology, WUR): Host specificity and speciation in the Dothideomycetes.
  • Dr. K. Verhoeven (NIOO) Ecological epigenetics.