The Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS)

3 EPS researcher receive NWO Veni grant

Three of the 89 Veni grants worth up to 280.000 € are awarded to young EPS researchers. For a period of three years they can investigate their own ideas. More information about the Veni grants you can find here.

Cutting edge roots

 dr. M. Dop (V), Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

It is important for plant development that some cells let go of the plant. The plant ensures that the correct       connections between cells are broken, otherwise the plant would fall apart. I will investigate how a plant cell determines which connections should be broken, and how this cell release happens.


Second love: How plants respond to their different friends

dr. R. Huisman (M), Wageningen University & Research

Some plants can cooperate with bacteria that fix atmospheric nitrogen into compounds that can be used by the plant. The bacteria communicate with the plant precisely like beneficial fungi would do. Yet, the responds differently to each partner. How did this evolve?


The evolution of rapid auxin signalling pathway

dr. A. Kuhn (M), Wageningen University & Research

In plants, the hormone auxin can trigger fast cellular responses. These respones are evolutionary conserved, yet little is known about how they are generated. This project will compare fast auxin responses in distinct plant species using genetics and biochemistry to identify the key components that generate these responses.