EPS Theme 2 and WCS symposium 'Interactions between Plants and Biotic Agents', d.d. 24 January 2018, University of Amsterdam, Science Park, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

EPS Theme 2 and the Willie Commelin Scholten Day will organize a joint symposium entitled: 'Interactions between Plants and Biotic Agents'

  • Only for EPS and WCS members !

Organizers: Erik Poelman (WUR), Saskia van Wees (UU) and Frank Takken (UvA)

Date: Wednesday 24 January, 2018

Venue: Room C0.05, Science Park 904, University of Amsterdam, 1098 XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Programme: (to print the programme: pdf file)

09:30 ARRIVAL AND COFFEE (in the main hall)

10:00 Mary Wildermuth (Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California at Berkeley, Holder of the Willie Commelin Scholten Chair on Phytopathology 2018). Willie Commelin       Scholten Lecture: Plant-biotroph interactions: Hormone and cell cycle manipulation take center stage

10:45 Tom Raaymakers (Plant-Microbe Interactions, UU): NLP pattern recognition in lettuce is genetically complex and distinctly different from Arabidopsis

11:05 COFFEE (main hall - behind elevators)

11:30 Marieke van Hulten (Molecular Plant Pathology, UvA): PAMP-triggered immunity in Arabidopsis suppresses hydathode-based xylem colonization by Xanthomonas campestris

11:50 Rocio Escobar (Plant Ecol Phytochem, LU): Light intensity-mediated induction of type-VI glandular trichome-associated allelochemicals increases resistance against thrips in tomato

12:10 Aranka van der Burgh (Phytopathology, WU): Immune signaling by SOBIR1 depends on kinase-active BAK1

12:30 Xiao Lin (Plant Breeding, WU): Fine-mapping the receptor of the apoplastic effector SCR74 of P. infestans in wild potato

12:50 LUNCH (main hall - behind elevators)

14:00 Erqin Li (Plant-Microbe Interactions, UU): Plants domesticate their rhizosphere microbiota

14:20 Julia Friman (Entomology, WU): Contrasting effects of the rhizobacterium Pseudomonas simiae on above- and belowground insect herbivores

14:40 Francisco de Lamo (Molecular Plant Pathology, UvA): Balancing between endophytic and pathogenic behavior, can a single effector tip the balance?

15:00 Shuqing Yang (Phytopathology, WU): The role of Solanales L-type lectin receptor kinases in plant development and Phytophthora capsici resistance

15:20 Mengjing Sun (Plant Breeding, WU): Why are some pepper plants resistant to aphids?

15:40 CLOSING and DRINKS (location 'De Oerknal')





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