An archive of EPS Specialized PhD Courses presented in the past years An archive of EPS Specialized PhD Courses presented in the past years

- to be completed

- In vivo NMR
- On the Evolution of Plant Pathogen Interactions: from Principles to Practice
- Mathematics and Biology
- Natural Variation in Plants
- Molecular Phylogenies: reconstruction & interpretation
- Advanced Proteomics (hands-on)
- Ecology of plant Volatile Organice Compounds
- Gateway to Gateway Technology (hands-on)
- Systems Biology: Statistical Analysis of ~Omics Data

- Mycology (February)
- Introduction Bioinformatics 'A User's Approach' (March)
- Multivariate Analysis (April)
- Confocal Light Microscopy (June)
- Metabolomics (June)
- Mathematics and Biology (July)
- International PhD Summer School 'Environmental Signaling: Arabidopsis as a model'
- Ecophysiology of Plants (Dec)

- Mathematics in Plant Biology (February)
- Proteomics (February/March)
- 4th PhD Symposium on : The Exploration of Ecological Interactions with Molecular and Chemical Techniques (March)
- Multivariate Analysis (April)
- Plant-Insect Interactions: from Molecular Biology to Ecology (April)
- Confocal Light Microscopy (May)
- Summer School 'Signaling in Plant Development & Plant Defence' (June)
- Molecular Phylogenies: Reconstruction & Interpretation (October)
- Gateway to Gateway Technology (November)
- Bioinformatics Day (November)
- Systems Biology: Statistical analysis of ~Omics Data'

- Spring School on Chemical Communication from Gene to Ecosystem (March)
- GFP and LUC: Applications of 'Light'
- Reporters in Biology (April)
- Metabolomics (May)
- Plant Ecophysiology (May)
- Summer School 'Environmental Signaling: Arabidopsis as a Model' (August)
- Molecular Phylogenies: Reconstruction & Interpretation (October)
- 'In Vivo' NMR (November)
- Systems Biology: Principles of ~Omics Data Analysis (November)

- Advanced ESR Spectroscopy in Membrane Biophysics (March)
- Spring School Bioinformatics 'Data Triple I: Information, Integration and Interpretation' (April)
- RNA Interference (May) - Molecular Phylogenies: Reconstruction & Interpretation (October)

- The Analysis of Natural Variation within Crop and Model Plants (April)
- Confocal Light Microscopy (May)
- Bioinformation Technology (May)
- Masterclass 'License to Life Sciences' (May and repeated in November)
- Molecular Basis of Microbe-Plant Interactions (June)
- Functional Genomics: Theory and hands-on Data Analysis (August)
- Electron Microscopy (November)
- Molecular Phylogenies: Reconstruction & Interpretation (November)

Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences