EPS is one of the founding members of EPSO, the European Plant Science Organisation (www.epsoweb.org). EPSO is an independent academic organisation currently representing 56 institutional members bringing together more than 140 research institutes, departments and universities from 25 European countries.

EPSO's mission is to improve the impact and visibility of plant science in Europe. EPSO's top priorities are to facilitate the understanding of plant science, to boost funding for basic research and to coordinate research activities at the national and European levels - and beyond.

Since June 2007 EPSO offers the personal membership which is open to all nationalities, professions, career stages and age groups worldwide and it is free for all people working at the EPSO institutional members. All EPS members can register as a personal member for free.

The personal exclusive benefits for personal members are:

  • Access to EPSO News, the bimonthly newsletter - an excellent source of information on EPSO activities, EPSO members activities, EU funding and national funds open to foreign applicants (members only web site; more information click here)
  • Eligibility for students and for New Member States scientists to apply for an EPSO conference support grant
  • Use of the EPSO world wide Tutor Network - stay in touch while working abroad

More activities important to personal members:

  • Apply to participate in the EPSO workshops (restricted to EPSO personal and institutional members)
  • Use the EPSO online portal, a collection of links important for plant scientists
  • Enter your profile and search the e-database of EPSO members (access restricted to EPSO personal and institutional members)
  • Submit to and search the e-job listings

How to register as a personal EPSO member? PhD candidates and staff members of EPS please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All others please contact EPSO.

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