The PhD educational programme of the Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS) aims to increase the quality of the PhD student's work within the graduate school. The programme is not limited to trainee research assistants (AIO's/OIO's) but concerns all PhD students within the graduate school.

PhD students admitted to the educational programme of EPS must have successfully completed an academic training at MSc level or equivalent higher education in one of the relevant fields of science and must work on a research project that is formally approved by EPS

The Graduate School EPS requires an Individual Training and Supervision PLAN (iTSP) - in Dutch Opleidings- en Begeleidingsplan (OBP) - for every PhD student* (all categories)

On recommendation of the EPS PhD Student's Council and the International Advisory Board (IAB) of EPS, EPS wishes to reduce the time-lag between the end of the PhD student's appointment and the graduation

The OFFICIAL FORM to request the EPS EDUCATION CERTIFICATE has to be carefully completed and signed by the promotor and PhD student

During the period of appointment (usually full-time for four years) an individual budget (varying for the seven universities involved) is available for each student to finance the educational activities within the TSP. Furthermore, each AIO/OIO, PhD student or sandwich PhD student is permitted to follow the regular education of the university.

Confirm the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act statutory provisions have been laid down in the Doctoral Degree Regulations of the Dutch Universities.

Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences